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Performance and installation artist Tomás Saraceno (AR) collaborates with engineers, architects, and biologists and addresses issues such as the increasing uninhabitability of the earth in his installations. Like Hamburg, the city of Venice has developed an alarm system to warn of flooding. Saraceno’s sound work Acqua Alta: En Clave de… Read More


Artist, designer, educator, and activist Sophie Allerding’s multi-disciplinary practice is inspired by mythology, her Latin American ancestors, and eco- and cyberfeminism. In the web conference Imagining the Arachnopocene, she creates a speculative fictional scenario in which spiders have abandoned the earth, and thus humans, after apocalyptic catastrophes. From the perspective… Read More


The Arca Futuris will feature a recording of the work Itaipú by Philipp Glass (US). Glass wrote the four-movement symphonic work with mixed choir in 1989 after visiting the Itaipú dam in Brazil and Paraguay. It is part 3 of a trilogy of works on nature and modern technology… Read More


Photographer Maximilian Glas uses contemporary image processing techniques such as 3D printing and photogrammetry to create expansive, artificial situations. In Weather Constructions, he mixes scans of the flood disaster in the Ahr Valley with models of measuring instruments and technologies from weather research to question man’s urge to simplify and… Read More


Martha Atienza (PH) documents and questions environmental change, displacement, cultural loss, and socioeconomic inequalities in her video works in collaboration with the inhabitants of the Philippine island of Bantayan, where her family comes from. Her work Panangatan shows the small island of the same name with 240 inhabitants* from the… Read More


Photographer Mandy Barker (UK) has been documenting plastic pollution in the oceans for over 12 years. In collaboration with scientists and researchers, she transforms information about it into collages. Her work SOUP shows a global collection of plastic waste washed up on beaches worldwide. In the work STILL (FFS), she… Read More


The photographer Klaus Pichler (A) also works at the interface between society, science and the environment and illustrates in his works, for example, the dimension of global food waste. At ClimateArtFest, his book The Petunia Carnage, published in 2022, will be presented by photographically documenting the failed worldwide destruction of… Read More


Kardelen Ayhan is a writer and collector of natural objects. The cyanotype Today it rained (March 2022) was created by raindrops washing away parts of the light-sensitive emulsion. washed away. The work is testimony to the last rain that fell in the city of Aix-en-Provence, symbolizing the climatic trauma… Read More


With Women of the Seven Seas, the Hamburg-based artists’ collective Geheimagentur (D) is building an international research network in which artists, activists, researchers, and seafarers can exchange ideas on the question of a feminist perspective on the sea. In a lecture performance, Geheimagentur presents the works of artists Mary Mattingly… Read More

Frauke Rubarth

Frauke Rubarth is a project manager, theater educator, and live-action game designer. She has been working with children and young people for twenty years, exploring theatrical storytelling and participatory formats. As dramaturg, director, performer, and co-director of Theater Mär, for which she worked for seven years (2012-2019), her research… Read More