Frauke Rubarth

Frauke Rubarth is a project manager, theater educator, and live-action game designer.
She has been working with children and young people for twenty years, exploring theatrical storytelling and participatory formats.

As dramaturg, director, performer, and co-director of Theater Mär, for which she worked for seven years (2012-2019), her research and development included the play “And We Flew a Thousand Years,” which won 2nd place in the Hamburg Children’s Theater Prize (2019).
For the past six years, she has also been a play director in live role-playing for children and young people in recreational settings and open children’s and youth work. In the Gabriele Fink Foundation (since 2018), she is responsible for the program area HoT (action-oriented language training) and Education-Larp (live role play in an educational context) and develops, among other things, role plays for the classroom.