(for carni- and herbivores)

The chef of the evening is Ben Draaijer. He will serve a four-course menu of unwanted species. Dutch artist Nicolle Schatborn will talk about our relationship with nature, animals and how we as humans try to control the environment.

The menu includes crow, goose shot at the airport, invasive mudbugs as well as meadow sorrel, nettle and knotweed. This will be accompanied by (natural) wines from the Siegloch estate.

The animals on the menu are hunted, trapped and considered a nuisance, but are they? They can are gourmet food and yet they mostly disappear into landfills and rendering plants. What makes the animals undesirable? And why don’t we eat them, but we do eat those from industrial animal factories? How many animals are killed for ‘vegetarian’ farming? »The Kitchen of the Unwanted Animal« reports their findings over dinner.

»The Kitchen of the Unwanted Animal« transforms pests into delicious treats, tasty snacks and nibbles. »The Kitchen of the Unwanted Animal« says, “Animals that are shot must be eaten, otherwise it’s a waste of death.”

Registration necessary, 40 places available
voluntary contribution: 30€ (recommended), plus drinks
NOTE: The ship is unheated, please dress warmly!

On Sunday (9.10.) at 15.00 hrs the “Kitchen of the Unwanted Animal” will offer a workshop on skinning and preparing crows and urban pigeons.