von Sophie Allerding
(Online-Veranstaltung auf Englisch)

The year is 2100, and heat droughts and floods have greatly altered the landscape of our planet. Persistent pollution and recurring pandemics have caused the increasingly vulnerable and weakening human population to become more isolated in their homes, steadily causing their alienation from the environment to grow. One event has now finally banished people into permanent quarantine: The disappearance of the spiders. Without the spiders, everything is out of balance: the air is so full of insects that you can no longer breathe; there is no more green to eat and the light no longer penetrates to the earth. It is dark and deafeningly loud on earth….. Why have the spiders left the earth? Can the spiders show us the way out of this situation? What can we do to bring them back? /╲/\(╭ •̀ •́╮)/\╱\

Montag 10.10.2022, 18:00 – 20:30 Uhr
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