Julia Nordholz

The artist Julia Nordholz (D) works with the media sound, video, installation, performance and text. She combines these and creates participatory spatial installations that play with interactive perception techniques and thus become lively and uncontrollable. The audience is thereby involved in the communication with the works or the interactive performances. In her audio works, Nordholz uses various analog and digital instruments as well as vinyl and everyday materials. Recent works deal with plants, cohabitation, and explore rites and healing practices. Her subtle sound installation Mellifluous Signs contains recordings of melting glacial ice in the Arctic. The composition increases just before the hour until finally the breaking of the ice shelf and the singing of the icebergs sound as a beacon in the HafeniCty. Nordholz studied Mixed Media with Michaela Melián, Experimental Design with Jesko Fezer, Social Design with Valentina Karga and Rosario Talevi and Philosophy with Hans-Joachim Lenger at the HFBK Hamburg. She also studied cultural studies at Leuphana University in Lüneburg. She lives and works in Hamburg.